Beauty Salon Customization – Custom Laminates & Upholstery Enhance Your Workspace

August 17, 2018By laurieDesign, Trends, Blog No Comments

Beauty Salon Customization At Veeco every product and service we offer revolves around helping our customers enjoy the maximum value for their purchase. Using beauty salon customization of materials like steel, laminate, powder coating or a custom upholstery fabric, can set your salon, beauty school, spa or barber shop from your competitors. This is why we…

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Interior Design Color Trends for Beauty Businesses

October 25, 2017By laurieTrends, Blog No Comments

Fall is one of the most magical times of the year. Everything is changing – the colors are turning from vibrant shades to blends of red, orange and yellow, and the weather is next to perfect. Fall signifies change and growth, and this beautiful season is almost upon us! Just like nature changes its course…

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Barbershops Are Making a Buzz in Today’s Beauty Industry

September 19, 2017By laurieServices, Trends, Business, Blog No Comments

The beauty industry that exists today is much different from how it was in the past. The prevalent demands, popular trends and numerous ways in which beauty experts try to gain recognition have all evolved with time.  Not to mention customers’ awareness and expectations have also changed. The same can be said for barbershops. In…

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Three Facebook Pages All Stylists Should Follow

September 15, 2017By laurieTrends, Marketing, Blog No Comments

It is becoming exceedingly difficult to keep up with the innovation that is already taking over the beauty industry. Beauticians are trying to outdo each other in every sector, whether it be the best look, the best hairdo or the most exclusive of hairstyles. Even the methods of cutting hair are under scrutiny for signs…

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Stainless Steel Furniture in the Salon or School Environment

June 15, 2017By laurieDesign, Trends, Blog No Comments

 Why You Should Use Stainless Steel Furniture in Your Cosmetology School?Stainless Steel Furniture, cold rolled steel and other steel products have become  a valuable asset to any salon or school needing low maintence stainless steel salon stations, chairs and classroom furniture. Over the 50 years Veeco has been working with  beauty schools, our design team always…

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