Fall is one of the most magical times of the year. Everything is changing – the colors are turning from vibrant shades to blends of red, orange and yellow, and the weather is next to perfect. Fall signifies change and growth, and this beautiful season is almost upon us! Just like nature changes its course and transforms from one vision into another, so do the interior design trends that are prevalent in almost every business. The Fall is also a perfect time to spruce up the salon and add extra retail displays.

The beauty industry, in particular, is subject to quick changes and evolution. Every season, you witness interior design transformations that are simply amazing. You need to stay up to date with interior design color trends for beauty businesses to make sure your salon looks modern and stylish. 

Here are a few ideas that will set you on the right path and help you decorate the interior of your beauty business. Get ready to revamp your salon and leave others behind this year!

Add Dark Velvety Shades

The feeling of velvet against the skin is extremely soothing. It gives a sense of luxury and comfort. You can combine different dark shades of velvet furniture with ceramics and textures to create an aura of coziness that will call upon any potential customer who walks in through the doors of your business. Chairs like these can be easily purchase and discount home stores or online stores like Wayfair.

Avoid an All-White Interior

Painting the whole reception area in white may have been appealing in the past, but now an all-white interior design looks outdated. It is now time for you to move past the white and gray shades to colors that are more warm and lively. Use colors that can speak of your brand and experiment with bold accents.

Bring In Gorgeous Shades of Green

The onset of fall means that all the greenery starts to turn into shades of red, yellow, brown and orange. You can keep the spirit of nature alive by adapting a rich green shade for the cabinets and other storage places in your beauty business. You can easily accentuate the color with a wooden style design interior for your business, bringing out the beauty using leather and brass. Green is an even better choice if you have a salon!

Copper Is Out of Fashion

Yes, copper has been an all-time favorite of almost every business for numerous years. However, it is now time to say goodbye to this reliable shade and focus on others when looking for items that will fit in with the interior design of your beauty business and correctly capture the essence of fall. The classic and much more conventional brass is now back in trend and works perfectly for a classy and antique theme.  If you are looking for the new trend in salon furniture, Veeco is the authority.  Visit our Steel Collection to select shades of steel and cold-rolled steel.

Go As Dark As You Please!

It might seem that painting the walls dark may make the place gloomy and discourage any potential clients, but this is a misconception. Adding shades of charcoal or chocolate can bring an aura of elegance. Just make sure you are using the right lighting and bright accents to create a more balanced space.

It is good for a business to adapt to the onset of every season and incorporate the latest trends. Trends change just like preferences and interest of people transform with time. Mentioned above are a few helpful color trends that will help you seize the beauty industry with your highly in-fashion and up-to-date business this year!

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