Our Team: Makes Customer Relationships
Their Number One Priority.

Our team makes Customer Relationships Their Number One Priority. At Veeco, we pride ourselves on the excellent design, quality and performance of our products and our team will be with you long after the sale. Your success is our responsibility. We design furnishings to fit your space and your individual needs. From design and engineering to fabrication, we deliver the whole package. Your Vision is our focus.

Leonard S. Cohen

President, CEO

Leonard S. Cohen, the President and CEO of Veeco Salon Furniture Design, is an elder statesman of the industry who grew up in the manufacturing and design business.  C & W, originally founded in 1927 by Leonard’s grandfather Solomon Cohen, was reopened as Veeco in 1942 by his father, Harvey Cohen and later taken over by Leonard.  What has allowed Veeco to retain it prominence through changing styles, evolving trends, and economic ups and downs has been Leonard’s determination to lead by example.  He observes everything and watches where the industry is going so that he can provide his customers with what they need before they even know they want it.

Leonard’s focus on building relationships and adapting to innovative ways of doing business is why, even after 50 years in furniture, he had never had a boring day at work. His “hands on”approach to manufacturing involves working closely with each customer or designer to create a unique look that makes the best use of space for maximum profitability.
In his well-deserved free time, Len loves to read, golf, and enjoy family time with his wife, 6 children, and 7 grandchildren.

Laurie Cohen

Vice President and Marketing Director

Laurie Cohen, the Vice President and Marketing Director of Veeco Salon Furniture Design, attended Boston University and Colombia College Chicago where she studied speech and communication.  Before Veeco, Laurie put her performance and marketing skills to use owning and operating Kreative Parties, a successful Northbrook, Illinois based talent agency and party goods store.  Her creative, entrepreneurial nature also led her to the development of various websites, where her marketing and social media skills were fine tuned. Laurie re-joined the Veeco staff in 2000 to help spearhead Veeco’s new brand management and successful marketing campaigns.  Her most recent success was leading the Veeco team during their movement to our new showroom and design center.
When not managing and implementing new and dynamic marketing strategies for Veeco, Laurie enjoys reading, learning new skills, and being with her husband, their 6 children and 7 grandchildren.

David S.S. Davis

Design Director and Sales

David holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design and Theatre but he knew from the young age that his future would include creativity and design.  At the young age of 11, his Dan the Dancing Man Lego Set won a design contest and was released nationwide.
From Lego models to theatrical sets and even after designing 1000s of salons and schools during his 25-year tenure at Veeco Salon Furniture Design, David brings a contagious enthusiasm and passion to every new project he works on.  He specializes in consulting with customers to understand not only their present plans but their future goals for their businesses to design environments that can easily grow and expand as needed.  David’s customers will tell you, when they are ready to add-on to their spaces or lay out their next locations, they will happily call him back to collaborate again.

David specializes in space planning and custom furniture design. He is available to help with your future grand opening.  Set up an appointment with our Design Team today and let us show you what your beauty environment can become!!!

Tania Lopez-Simanis

General Manager

Tania Lopez-Simanis is the General Manager and so much more at Veeco Salon Furniture Design.  She grew up around manufacturing, in a family who specialized in textile manufacturing, importing and exporting.  This training made her a perfect fit when she joined the Veeco team in 1999.  Tania coordinates the factory operations, oversees production, monitors shipping and receiving, streamlines the day-to-day functioning of our office and showroom and supports the sales team in giving our customers outstanding customer service.

When she’s not keeping Veeco running, she enjoys spending time with her family, wine tasting, and reading.  Tania and her family believe strongly in the importance of giving back and are very involved in community service projects and working with their local State Senator.

Nozomu Ito

Design and Sales

Nozomu Ito received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Contemporary Sculpture and Product Design from the University of Illinois at Chicago.  He originally started with Veeco Salon Furniture Design as a Design Intern in March 2012 and, since then, has grown with the company to his current position, Design Engineer and Consultant.  Nozomu’s attention to detail and sincere enjoyment of hand craftsmanship motivates him to create dynamic, interesting, and innovative products and layouts to meet his customer’s needs.

In addition to Nozomu’s interest in engineering and the mechanics of objects and design, he is also an avid bike rider, motorcyclist, photographer and sculptor.

Pascual Celis

Factory Supervisor

Pascual joined Veeco Salon Furniture Design, in 1994. He started from the ground floor and with hard work he has moved up to supervisor for all of our manufacturing divisions. His responsibilities are to work with the warehouse as well as the office department to ensure that all of our products have an outstanding manufacturing quality that Veeco Salon Furniture Design, stands for. His manufacturing background came from working for several years with Empire Wood Carpentry Company. He currently lives on the South Side of Chicago. He is a major fan of the Chicago White Sox!