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As the owner of Veeco Salon Furniture + Design, my staff and I have received numerous compliments and much praise from our clients, as well as a few criticisms regarding customer service or our products.  Three years ago, when we moved to our new location in Melrose Park, we touched base with many clients and thanked them for their generous reviews and worked to fix any problems that had arose.

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Hair Fusion Review

Check out this 5 Star Review

Veeco is the place you want to visit if you are looking for incredible, modern, state of the art salon furniture. I have personally designed my salon furniture with of course the help of David a true artist when it comes to designing.

In the past 4 years Veeco (David) has worked with me in creating the perfect look for 2 of my salons located in IL "Hair Fusion Bar" YES, it's a salon that specializes in hair extensions. David took an empty space and designed the layout for HFB.

David turned my vision into reality; if you can think of your dream salon then David can build it.

David designed a 30 foot bar that functions as styling stations, flip up mirrors that flip up when we need a mirror, secret doors to enter our storage area that display our products, 2 custom fireplaces with TV's and soooooo much more.Feel free to visit the 2 locations if needed to view Veeco's masterpieces. The attention to detail is incredible.

The staff at Veeco is extremely attentive and patient when it comes to designing, selecting the color pallets, choosing final touches, making sure to address any changes and are willing to review the final drawings before it goes into production.

As I have mention David has build 2 of my salons and I will be working with him for many years to come.Veeco and his staff not only build salon furniture but care and love what they do and you can see it from the sample pieces on the floor, the attention to detail is impeccable and one of a kind.

I recommend checking out the design center, take your time and walk around because there's a lot to see especially the custom stations.

Thank you Veeco for making my salon vision a reality.



Kid Snips - Jill Gordon

To show Veeco's design diversity, Kid Snips co-owners Jill Gordon and her partner Kim were featured in a recent report for Chicago TV Station, CLTV. Gordon says, "I have nothing but raves for Veeco design director David S.S. Davis. He has been so fabulous in creating a special look for our salon. His knowledge of the salon industry helped us immensely with our first salon and in refining our seven new salons. David's solid advice and tips helped us get through what seemed to be an overwhelming task!

Highland Park, IL

kid snips Veeco

Trio Salon Winner of the 2018 Salon Excellent Award

TRIO Salon has had the privilege of working with David S.S. Davis at Veeco Manufacturing for a long time – almost 10 years!

We started with a single location and now have three – each time returning to Veeco for their competitive pricing, good quality work and most of all David’s helpful, professional and charming manner. Nothing has seemed to be too much and as a designer, he has worked with us as a team, understands our needs and works within our budget. We love Veeco!

Trio Salon And Veeco