The beauty industry that exists today is much different from how it was in the past. The prevalent demands, popular trends and numerous ways in which beauty experts try to gain recognition have all evolved with time.  Not to mention customers’ awareness and expectations have also changed. The same can be said for barbershops.

In the past, barbershops were the one place where customers used to go to get their regular haircuts. It was a place people frequented every two weeks to freshen up their look. It was where customers used to love sitting down in groups and discuss the latest tidbits, sharing a cigar or reading a paper alongside.

The barbershops lost their quaint charm along the way as they were slowly replaced by the much more appealing concept of spas and salons, both of which were deemed much better locations for good haircuts.

The traditional barbers were swept aside by the all-business stylists who with their professional looking haircutting tools and cutters became the market rage in no time. From 1992 to 2012, there was a 23% decrease in the number of functioning barbershops in the country as stated by the census records.

However, from 2013 the vintage and simple barbershops started to make a comeback, and are now back in business in full swing. They are slowly taking away the market from the stylists working in salons and spas. The continuous benefits that one could avail by visiting a barber shop or by opening one became known again in the health and beauty industry, leading to an influx of barbershops.

It did not take that long for people to realize the benefits that came attached with operating a barber shop or by frequenting one instead of booking appointments at a salon or a spa. The first and foremost advantage customers observed was the glaring difference in prices of businesses offering the same services.

Visiting a barbershop cost less money than going to a salon and as there wasn’t a significant difference in the quality of the services offered, people were compelled to switch back to barbershops.

People started to appreciate the traditional touch barbershops still carry while becoming more tuned to the modern lifestyles.

As for the barbershop owners, they could now focus on providing their clients with a haircut that suited their tastes without having to add services that are provided by salons and spas. This led to them running a considerably cheaper business, leaving them free to invest in other minute details and incentives they could provide their clients as an appreciation of utilizing their services like a free drink.

Those business people wanting to invest saw a continued potential in opening up businesses related to the health and beauty industry with barber shops being their topmost choice. This was because they realized that haircuts are something everyone needs and will easily survive the booming e-commerce business as you cannot get a haircut online!

Salons and spas may have taken over the hair business in the past few years, but barbershops are back for their prominent spot in the beauty industry. The barbershops are back with a boom that isn’t going to fade away anytime soon!

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