The interior décor and design of any salon say a lot about the quality of services customers can expect at that salon. For instance, a beauty salon or spa that has mismatched décor or furniture that doesn’t look too comfortable fails to impress its visitors.

A spa or salon is considered the epitome of relaxation and should house nothing, but the best quality equipment and exquisite furniture. Quality salon furniture is as much about practicality as it is about aesthetics. This is why there are brands that deal exclusively in furniture meant for such businesses. With their brilliant designs and comprehensive consultation services, Veeco has established itself as one of the leading brands in this domain. 

Veeco’s Story

Veeco is a renowned brand in the beauty industry, specifically in the world of salons and spas. The brand has been prominent for over 90 years, collaborating and striving to deliver nothing, but the best to every client that signs up with them.

It was originally named ‘C&W’ by Solomon Cohen and established in Chicago, running as a family business since its inception. It was renamed ‘Veeco’ after World War II when Leonard Cohen’s son took over the business. Under a bright leadership, Veeco has evolved tremendously over the years. It rose from the sea of high-quality salon and spa design, and equipment manufacturers to become an industry leader in the custom designing of spas, beauty salons, educational institutions and barber shops.  

Veeco Knows What You Want

Veeco’s impressive history in the industry has the added benefit of a well-rounded experience. Veeco is the perfect solution for all – whether a client wants to revamp an existing business or wishes to furnish and decorate a new one. Clients have the option of choosing from Veeco’s diverse collection of salon chairs and stations, shampoo and manicure equipment, and reception furniture.

However, if the catalog of the designs fails to appeal to any customer, they can have custom salon designs drawn by the design team at Veeco.  The team consists of people who are exceptionally skilled and adept at their job. With custom designing, consumers can follow up to watch their designs take life from beginning until the end.

Veeco has a prominent spot in the salon and spa industry. There aren’t many salon or spa furniture businesses that also help clients set up their plumbing systems and power outlets, ensuring an efficient and stylish environment that attracts all.

Supporting Your Salon Setup

Veeco is a dream come true for all salon and spa owners as it takes care of their every interior and décor related need. BeautyWorkspace is delighted to collaborate with such a well-established brand.

The solution to any salon or spa related need for a business-owner is undoubtedly Veeco. The reputable brand caters to every need, be it a barber chair that needs replacing or a plumbing system that has become outdated. Its diverse coverage and unquestionable quality are what makes Veeco stand out as the undeniable leader in the salon and spa industry.

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