The objective of a beauty salon is to make its clients feel attractive and beautiful; it only makes sense that the salon itself carries the same appeal. It is one of the first things clients tend to notice. So, you need to design your salon in a way that can not only provide a welcoming environment but also assure them of your refined aesthetic sense.

From wall paint to furniture, beauty should reflect in everything. Veeco is a family-owned furniture and décor business dedicated to helping salon owners revamp their space. If you think your furniture isn’t beautiful or functional enough, you need to pay a visit to Veeco.

Why Veeco?

Being in the salon business for over 90 years, they are a true American brand trusted for their quality. They deal with custom salon manufacturing and furniture design for beauty salons, spas, barbershops, and educational facilities. They engineer, fabricate and design custom salon products. It was founded by Harvey Cohen and is a family owned company based in Illinois. The family has been involved in designing salon furniture for numerous customers.

All those who have used their services and products are amazed at their promptness, honesty and friendly service. Their professional design services attract people who want to improve the look and function of their salons and shops.

Quality like No Other

They are manufacturing experts who carefully work with you to create a distinctive look. With the help of Veeco, you can easily beautify your space and at the same time get maximum functional benefits. Their team of dedicated professionals is personally involved with every purchase you make and is also responsible for every design that leaves the manufacturing plant. For them, nothing is impossible and their aim is to create designs and products that are nothing less than perfect.

You can choose the salon furniture from their catalog containing salon stations, salon chairs, manicure furniture, shampoo furniture, and reception furniture. The best part is, they involve their client in every phase of the process. So, why not take advantage of this fact?

Fly to Chicago

Make an appointment to visit the Chicago factory where they proudly offer programs for clients to experience their showroom and design capabilities. Whether you are thinking about buying salon chairs, shampoo furniture, spa furniture or any kind of beauty salon furniture, Veeco has it! You will be impressed with their integrated showroom and factory that allows design services, orders, and manufacturing to be monitored effectively.

Veeco has been the industry leader in salon and spa design for nearly a century, so whether its installation, designing, or want to add furniture to revamping your existing facility, you can count on their expertise.

Veeco – Then and Now

Established in 1927, Veeco was originally established in Chicago and named C&W by Solomon Cohen who was the grandfather of the current owner. It was renamed as Veeco after World War II. Under the creative leadership, the company has become an industry leader in salon equipment manufacturing and salon design. They are most known for innovatively incorporating stainless steel into cosmetology school furniture, adding a whole new level of durability and strength.

With numerous manufacturers and their talented team and shops, they have been able to help thousands of salon owners come one step closer to their dreams without exceeding their budget. From a traditional barber shop to a high-end salon and spa, Veeco can guide you regarding the right type of furniture and equipment, well within your budget.

Veeco is proud of the clientele it has built owing to the dedication and hard work the whole team puts in. If you are looking for help regarding industry trends, Veeco is your guide.



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