It is becoming exceedingly difficult to keep up with the innovation that is already taking over the beauty industry. Beauticians are trying to outdo each other in every sector, whether it be the best look, the best hairdo or the most exclusive of hairstyles. Even the methods of cutting hair are under scrutiny for signs of exceptional uniqueness.

This puts a lot of pressure on the stylists who work with hair on a daily basis for a living, as even one unhappy client can result in a bad review and the loss of potential customers. Hairstyles have formed a world of their own; there are infinite numbers of ways to set your hair, with more being brought into the equation even as you read this piece of writing.

Hairstyling has become a form of art in itself. The complex mix of colors and layers that are possible require expertise that increases as more and more factors are added into the blend. Social media is infused with the works of stylists who have taken over the industry with a dramatic boom.

Some stylists, however, are several steps ahead of others when it comes to successful modernization of hair, and are thus looked up to for inspiration by all the other stylists. There are various platforms from where these stylists can take inspiration. Here are three of our favorites.

Behind The Chair

Based in Illinois, this magazine has a superb collection of the works of numerous hairstyles under its belt. With its motto being: ‘bringing the world of hairdressing to the hairdressers of the world,’ Behind the Chair is doing a good job at fulfilling this claim.

For hair stylists who are looking to add a new touch to their skills, and adapt to a newer and more in demand genre, Behind the Chair is the perfect magazine to take inspiration from. No matter what type of a stylist you are, you will find information, videos, images, and even steps to help you and guide you through the learning process of new ideas you can then implement with your own clients. You will find all types of hairstyles and hair color jobs as part of the world of Behind the Chair.

Pulp Riot Hair

Blending exotic shades of unique colors is what Pulp Riot Hair is exceptionally good at. Both males and females of this era are becoming more and more courageous when it comes to their hair, and turning one’s hair into dazzling shades of yellow and orange or even mixing and matching to bring together waves of rainbow colored hair is fast becoming the new norm.

Stylists who need inspiration when it comes to bold hairstyles and colors, Pulp Riot Hair is the best brand they can turn to. Each and every look showcased by Pulp Riot Hair is unique, and beautiful in its own way, bringing out the personality of a person in all of its glory. Bold, energetic and authenticity are the themes Pulp Riot Hair goes by, and stylists adapting to these will never fail to succeed in establishing their own permanent markers in the beauty industry.

Modern Salon

If, as a stylist, you are looking for a final look that combines the magic of both hair styling and hair color, then Modern Salon is the brand you should refer to with your eyes closed. The collection of works by stylists who use the essence of colors and unique haircuts and hairstyles to accentuate the best features are all under one roof for you stylists to learn from!

So, if you want a unique kind of inspiration, go to Modern Salon without any hesitation. Follow these pages and you will never fall short on inspiration and ideas!


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