Beauty Salon Marketing – Valentine’s Day

January 20, 2019By laurieMarketing, Blog No Comments

Sell Valentine’s Day Gift Cards Download our Beauty Salon Valentine’s Day Tent Card and place cards everywhere on your retail displays, salon stations and your reception desk .  It is easy and you’ll love to see the profit those gift cards bring in.     Here is what you will need: Cardstock print paper  8/12…

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Three Facebook Pages All Stylists Should Follow

September 15, 2017By laurieTrends, Marketing, Blog No Comments

It is becoming exceedingly difficult to keep up with the innovation that is already taking over the beauty industry. Beauticians are trying to outdo each other in every sector, whether it be the best look, the best hairdo or the most exclusive of hairstyles. Even the methods of cutting hair are under scrutiny for signs…

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Do You Need a Salon Website?

December 17, 2016By laurieBusiness, Marketing No Comments

Image courtesy of template monster Introducing Salon Marketing and Website Design by Veeco Salon Furniture Letting someone outside the beauty industry design your salon website doesn’t make sense and is pretty dangerous business. That is why Veeco Salon Furniture + Design, in conjunction with Deerfield Marketing Associates, is now offering website design and salon marketing based on over 20…

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Stay Constantly Connected to Your Salon Clients

February 12, 2015By laurieBusiness, Marketing No Comments

Most Salon Clients Have One Thing in Common: Social Media In an earlier blog we talked about the importance of your social media presence. Here we would like to be specifically talk about “utilizing” those social media outlets effectively. Take Facebook for example, great media tool, reaches a lot of followers, creates a buzz however…

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