Sell Valentine’s Day Gift Cards

Salon marketingtent card – valentine
Download our Beauty Salon Valentine’s Day Tent Card and place cards everywhere on your retail displays, salon stations and your reception desk .  It is easy and you’ll love to see the profit those gift cards bring in.



Here is what you will need:

Cardstock print paper  8/12 x 11                                                        Color laser or inkjet printer

Your Business Cards                                                                             Glue Stick or two sided tape


Ready to start?

  1. After purchasing print paper that is heavy enough to stand up, download the card. If you prefer, let the nearby Office Depot or Staples do the whole thing for you.  They cost more, but you’ll get laser printer quality and a really crisp fold.
  2. Print your cards by inserting the paper into your printer’s paper tray.  When using an inkjet printer, allow time for them to dry before touching paper.
  3. Using a clue stick or two sided tape, attach your business card to the sign.  You might want to leave extra cards out, so that clients take one and drop it in some subtle place around their home.
  4. Adjust your card carefully, corner to corner and create a sharp fold.
  5. You can add all types of embellishment, a bow, a drop of glitter or anything decorative that you may have laying around.

Leave a comment below and tell us how you did and what other salon marketing ideas work for you.

Veeco Tip: Consider remodeling your reception area or just adding some extra display cabinets or a functional but fabulous Retail Desk. Your reception area is the first thing clients see when they enter your salon, here’s where the “WOW” factor should make them longtime customers.


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