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Introducing Salon Marketing and Website Design by Veeco Salon Furniture

Letting someone outside the beauty industry design your salon website doesn’t make sense and is pretty dangerous business. That is why Veeco Salon Furniture + Design, in conjunction with Deerfield Marketing Associates, is now offering website design and salon marketing based on over 20 years in the beauty industry. The new Salon Marketing Division of Veeco is headed by Veeco Vice President, Laurie Cohen, who has , in conjunction, with Blind Acre Media, will work with you to create a unique, easy to maintain site that tells your current and future clients who you are.

Don’t wait…everyday without a website is costing you money.

Request more information about launching a salon website  or  email Laurie, directly, at  Laurie@veecosalonfurniture .com for a FREE  online consultation.

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