Most Salon Clients Have One Thing in Common: Social Media

In an earlier blog we talked about the importance of your social media presence. Here we would like to be specifically talk about “utilizing” those social media outlets effectively. Take Facebook for example, great media tool, reaches a lot of followers, creates a buzz however you need to take that extra step to actually get more than just a “like” on a friend’s page. You need to be outgoing and command attention for your Facebook page. Facebook can be a huge launching station for your salon. Make sure your clients are able to stay connected to you at all times.

Stay Connected to Salon Clients on Facebook

On your page you can allow your salon clients to virtually check in and select their stylist. They can read bios of your stylists, view videos of services and see firsthand how to upkeep the styles you offer. Facebook pages are easy to create and maintain. Adding images, videos and links are also easy and optimal things to do. The more user-friendly and fun the better! There is a reason we see so many funny cat videos, goofy homemade videos and home-made infomercials – We love to be entertained and feel informed!

When setting up your Facebook page, keep in mind the importance of linking a page that has advertisements for products your salon sells (some of these suppliers will offer free samples to your clients for advertising on your page). You should have links to upcoming events at your salon or places where your stylists will be as well as news and tips that are trending. Salon clients will feel more “in the loop” if they’re able to know what’s going on with you. Veeco Salon Furniture + Design also has a presence on Facebook and is always adapting it to keep up with demand for social attention!

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