Double Crazy Cab - One of a Kind
Double Crazy Cab – One of a Kind

All Beauty Salon Furniture Is Not Equal – Read Our Checklist Before Your Buy

Like any piece of furniture you buy salon, spa or school furniture is not the same.  To make sure you choose the right beauty salon furniture, furniture for your school or spa, carefully check these 10 facts when comparing products.

Salon Furniture – Cabinets and Styling Stations 

  1. Check that all stations are lined and what type of liner is used.
  2. Open and close the drawers and doors. Drawers should use full length glides, allowing you access to your important tool drawer.
  3. What type of tool holders are included? Check the size of your dryer, irons and brushes to make sure they will fit.
  4. Are there cord management built and electric outs into the cabinet?
  5. Do you want a wall hung, double free standing station, mobile cart or single free standing station?

salon furnitureSalon Furniture – Salon Chairs

  1. Check that the hydraulic pump is sturdy and warrantied for at least one year.
  2. If possible, sit in the chair and purposely try to tip it. If you can, then it’s a law suit waiting to happen.
  3. Make sure the arms and seat bottom are attached securely.
  4. An imported salon styling chair lasts a year or two; a custom made chair lasts forever.  Figure out how long you like to keep your furniture and what is best for your bottom line.
  5. Consider your clientele. Do you have many male clients or big women?  If so, consider that when choosing the chair design.


Move Forward…Choose your salon furniture!

Once you have gone over the above list and you are ready to choose salon furniture , visit to choose your furniture. Veeco also custom designs your salon or school furniture and has a complete design and sales staff dedicated to create a beautiful salon environment that makes money.


ClarySage Salon
ClarySage Salon

If you are looking for just one piece or several pieces of salon furniture, stay here at and checkout the fabulous prices on overstocked and discontinued stations and chairs.


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