Make Sure Your Beauty Salon Design Layout is Perfect by Asking Yourself these Questions:

Have you ever wondered why certain beauty salons attract a specific type of clientele? It’s really quite simple. Your salon will attract the type of client you want, only if you know that type and design your salon around their likes and dislikes. Think of it along the same lines as redecorating  your home; you want to feel comfortable and you want your friends and family to feel comfortable. Right? Let’s face it, a certain part of the redecorating is based on how you want others to “perceive” your home. The same concept applies to your salon and clients. Start creating the beauty salon design layout of their dreams by yourself these questions:

1. What type of people live in the area of my salon?

Your niche market is based on likely foot traffic among other things. Put yourself in the shoes of the consumer and imagine what the locals might desire, and how they might like to feel. The essence of the beauty industry is looking good. Every client who walks through your door should see that you are committed to the business of beauty. What do these type of people consider beautiful? From reception seating and furnishings to stylish and comfortable work stations, each client should feel like the most important visitor in your salon. That is the key to retaining clients and, ultimately, maintaining profitability.

2. What are the spending habits of people I want to attract?

Now that you’ve considered what type of people are in your area, what do you imagine they generally spend their money on? Do you think they are likely to spend more on products or services? Nails or hair? Color or waxing? If you have no idea how to answer these questions, one way to figure it out is to conduct a survey, either on your own or by hiring a marketing specialist.

3. How can I add additional profit centers, like massage or makeup, that are requested by these people?

Do you have the space (at least 6′ x 6′), resources, and time to add products and services to your floor? What would it take to do so? Do your research by searching on your own, or if you don’t have the time, ask a specialist.

4. What image do I want to project? Warm and homelike? Glamourous?  Elegant?

It’s important to know that your vision will be brought to life exactly as you had imagined it. As you proceed towards accomplishing your goal, you will need to create a strong partnership with your salon equipment suppliers and designers who can help guide you through the myriad of choices to be made.

5. How would designers help me achieve my goals?

Before, you actually start planning your salon, it never hurts to consult the experts. Design teams can provide complete design services to help bring your vision of your salon or spa to reality. They work right alongside you to ensure that your new salon or spa will reflect your vision while providing style, functionality and, most importantly, profitability. Choose a professional design team to help you create your floor plan, assist with color selection, create custom salon furniture pieces and create your personal style down to the final touches.
ideas helps tremendously when you are ready to begin working with your designer.

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