Beauty Salon Customization

At Veeco every product and service we offer revolves around helping our customers enjoy the maximum value for their purchase. Using beauty salon customization of materials like steel, laminate, powder coating or a custom upholstery fabric, can set your salon, beauty school, spa or barber shop from your competitors. This is why we offer customization options that are new and upscale. Our custom laminates and upholstery for your workspace will make your salon stand out and is a value-added option that comes at no additional cost.

Why Is Beauty Salon Customization So Important for Your Salon?

When you are working in the beauty industry, aesthetic appeal is extremely important. The moment a client walks in the salon, they should know that it is a place run by professionals with a refined sense of beauty and aesthetics. It is not about how groomed your staff is or how courteous your greetings are, the first impression is usually built by the whole ambiance they walk into. Everything from the look of your furniture to its placement comes together to create that ambiance.

One thing salons really need to be aware of when making furniture related decisions is the prevailing trends. You don’t need to follow the textbook idea of a perfect salon. You need to stand out. That’s where customizing your salon creates an element of uniqueness. At Veeco, we understand that it can be a difficult feat to achieve.  That is why we offer a perfect solution in the form of our custom upholstery and laminates.

What Choices Do We Offer at Veeco?

Choose any furniture from our selection and we will give you a wide range of upholstery and laminate choices. Here are a few options for you.

QSE Quick Ship Color Options

QSE furniture comes in a ready-to-ship variety of standard laminates. From Limber Maple to Matte Black, you can go as light or dark as you want. You can also choose from four different shades of upholstery to create the desired look for your salon.

Choice for Made-to-Order Furniture

Our made-to-order salon furniture comes with an even bigger range of colors, including solids and prints. You can go for the bright traffic light red or the calmest blue-grey. There are around fifty laminate options. You get an even bigger spectrum of choices in upholstery. With around 130 vinyl options, you can create your workspace look exactly as you imagined.

Custom Finishes for Steel Furniture

Veeco color samples

It is not just laminates and upholstery we let you customize according to the theme you have in your mind, we also let you choose from a number of finishes for all our stainless-steel furniture. Remember, the finish you choose will not add much of a hue to your space, but it will play a key role in adding coolness or warmth to the room. But if you go for powder coated color finish, you can get a bit more creative with the color choices. 


Ready to Turn Your Dream Salon Space into Reality?

Never underestimate the difference custom upholstery and laminates can make. With Veeco by your side, you don’t have to settle for anything that doesn’t really go with the idea you have in your mind. From colors to prints, Veeco gives you a range of options that you won’t find anywhere else. For most laminates and upholstery, you can even ask for samples to be delivered to your place.

For a quicker decision, check out the complete selection of custom upholstery and laminates for your beauty salon on our website.  

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