Choosing the Right Technicians and Support Staff for Your Beauty Salon Team

Once you’ve worked with Veeco to design and purchase your beauty salon furniture, it’s time to begin interview and hiring your cosmetologists and administrative staff.  Remember, these are the people who represent you, spend the most time with your clients and have access to your cash drawer, computer and appointment book.  Choose them wisely. Think carefully of how you want your salon to be perceived, your message and your look; only then, can you hire the right team. If you haven’t already downloaded checklist for finishing your salon or school project.  It is full of the little things you might now have had time to remember.

Your Administrative Staff

Before you select your location and facility, it is time to hire an accountant,  lawyer and, if needed, an architect to make sure that you have dotted your “i’s” and crossed all your “t’s”. These professionals play a major role in your salon team and will remain as vital team members throughout the life of your beauty salon or cosmetology school. Choose carefully looking for a specialist in the beauty field.  When you purchase your furniture from Veeco will work hand-in-hand to you to coordinate all aspects of your project.

Consider a Project Manager

Not all of us are blessed with the ability to make all the pieces fit in the process of building or remodeling a salon or school. Consider how much your time is worth to you and whether you want to get involved with contractors, designers, city government, etc.  Consider hiring a project manager. Veeco Salon Design + Furniture offers extended support to our clients with a comprehensive Owner’s Representation Program with our partner, Beauty Workspace, Beauty Workspace provides guidance throughout the life-cycle of designing and re-imagining your salon environment.

Choosing a Manager and Receptionist

Your receptionist(s) serves as the face and the voice of your business. Remember that this member of your staff is makes the first impression with your clients. Take as much time as you need to run a background check, review their speaking voice and grammar, test their computer skills and learn their over all organizational skills.  The same diligence should be given in hiring a Manager. Ask yourself what your presence will be at the salon. Will you be there running the day-by-day workings of the business or will you need to have a Salon Manager to be your surrogate when you are not there?  Don’t rush in hiring either of these staff members their role is just too important.

Choosing Your Technicians

All salons and schools are not created equally. Choose your staff based on the environment and identity you want your clients to perceive. Remember, your staff is your best advertisement so choose them with care. Ask yourself these questions before you begin to hire.

  1. What image do you want your business to portray? Consider words like “homespun”, “eclectic”, “posh”, “contemporary”. Once you’ve decided, use this word to influence all your decisions regarding staff choices.
  2. What types and levels of technicians do you need? How many will you need for each type of service?
    Technician*  New Talent (NT)  Junior (J)  Senior (S)  Master (M)
     Stylist  Level 1 & 2  Level 3-5  Level 6-8  Master (M)
     Aesthetician  New Talent (NT)  Junior (J)  Senior (S)  Master (M)
     Massage Therapist New Talent (NT)  Junior (J) Senior (S)  Master (M)
     Nail Technician




     New Talent (NT)  Junior (J)  Senior (S)  Master (M)



  1. Reflect the image of your salon to your staff and make sure all your technicians know how to work within that image.
  2. Leave time before the salon opens to have your staff on site and to completely acclimate themselves with the site and your expectations are for each employee.
  3. Plan a run through. Open your salon to your friends and family for a weekend and take notes. Leave the last hour for you and your staff to meet and discuss any comments or questions.
  4. Encourage your employees to sell product. Create a game or incentive plan to remind them that soft-goods sales pay their salary.
  5. Plan a mandatory staff meeting once a month.  This is an excellent time to go over what is working and what is not, to express ideas and concerns and show your staff that you “are one of them. Be open to ideas and suggestions.

Introduce Your Staff to the Public

One of the most common mistakes that owners make is to plan a Grand Opening too soon. If you have selected the right technicians and support staff and have trained them to embrace your philosophy, your salon will be up and running smoothly in a short amount of time, but wait at least a month to smooth out any kinks and then plan your Grand Opening.

And by the way, CONGRATULATIONS! Don’t forget to send pictures!



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