How Can Custom Laminates & Upholstery Enhance Your Workspace?

December 13, 2017By laurieDesign, Blog No Comments

So, you have just invested in feature-loaded furniture items for your salon. Why do you need to spend on custom upholstery or laminates? At Veeco, every product and service we offer revolves around helping our customers enjoy the maximum value for their purchase. It is why we offer customizable options that are hardly available anywhere…

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Conserve Salon Space with Great Designs

December 11, 2017By laurieDesign, Blog No Comments

Thinking about revamping your salon space for a vibrant interior that provides a delightful ambiance to your clients. The first step in revamping a salon is to have a floor plan that adequately puts things where they should be. Designing must be minimal but not to the extent that it looks dull and uninviting. Make…

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Meet Tania Lopez Simansis, Veeco General Manager

December 1, 2017By laurieBlog, Veeco Team No Comments

Tania Lopez-Simanis General Manager Tania worked her way up the ranks at Veeco. She started as a receptionist over 15 years ago and now practically runs the place.  As General Manager her duties include overseeing the staff, supervising production and just about anything in between.  On more than one occasion, you may have trouble finding…

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