Meet Nozomu Ito –
Veeco’s Design Engineer and Sales Consultant

January 22, 2018By laurieDesign, Featured Products, Blog, Veeco Team No Comments

Clary Sage Salon Product Design & Layout by Nozomu Ito Nozomu Ito received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Contemporary Sculpture and Product Design from the University of Illinois at Chicago. He originally started with Veeco Salon Furniture + Design as a Design Intern in March 2012 and, since then, has grown with the company…

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Meet Tania Lopez Simansis, Veeco General Manager

December 1, 2017By laurieBlog, Veeco Team No Comments

Tania Lopez-Simanis General Manager Tania worked her way up the ranks at Veeco. She started as a receptionist over 15 years ago and now practically runs the place.  As General Manager her duties include overseeing the staff, supervising production and just about anything in between.  On more than one occasion, you may have trouble finding…

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