Thinking about revamping your salon space for a vibrant interior that provides a delightful ambiance to your clients. The first step in revamping a salon is to have a floor plan that adequately puts things where they should be. Designing must be minimal but not to the extent that it looks dull and uninviting. Make the most of your salon space by using optimal design tips from expert interior decorators.

Designing an Impressive Floor Plan

The ideal floor plan must take into consideration the functionality of the space while maximizing the space, similar to the layout in the picture above. It’s important to keep the waiting area separate from the styling stations. The seating in the waiting area must give the attendants a view of how the stylists are working. It is a useful tool in turning attendants into potential clients as well.

The ideal layout places the shampoo bay in a separate section partitioned with curtains or drapes. An important point to consider while designing the salon layout is to keep shampoo and hair coloring bays away from the public. This will also help save extra plumbing and electrical costs if managed correctly.

No one wants to be seen with foil wrapped around their hair, faces covered with different types of mud or exfoliating masks. To give clients more privacy use curtains or separators, it makes clients more comfortable when they are not in full view of the public outside the salon.

Arranging Styling Stations

The styling stations are essential for every salon. This type of styling station is one of the most widely used pieces of furniture in a salon. To make salon space appear more extensive use slim low profile stations with backlit mirrors.

With retractable or pull-out drawers, this styling station saves space and provides a complete set of storage for the stylist to store every necessary accessory. The pull-out drawers, blower holders, and iron holders in a side step help save space and provide smart storage solutions.

This type of styling station is the perfect choice for salons looking to make the most of limited styling space without causing the salon to appear cluttered and overcrowded. Tall double Styling Island allows two stylists to work simultaneously on two clients without bumping into each. The island has sufficient storage space to hold accessories of two stylists.

Wall Mounted Styling Station

This type of wall mounted styling station is the best solution for salons with limited space for different stations. Using wall space makes the salon appear spacious. The separate storage units make it perfect for stylists to store their accessories safely.

Choose Sleek Contemporary Design Styling Chairs

Styling chairs in salons are usually bulky and heavy. They are comfortable for the clients, but most styling chairs take more space then they need, due to their heavy boxy design. To make your salon look spacious use sleek styling chairs that are not bulky.

The Aluma hydraulic styling chair is perfect for salons with limited space. The clean, modern lines of this styling chair add more capacity to the salon space without appearing bulky and congested. The design is kept with client comfort in mind, the contoured seating, premium quilt stitching, and a laser steel footrest are features added to make customers feel relaxed and comfortable.

Color Area and Dispensary

The color area and dispensary are the two locations that are easy to customize according to the floor plan of the salon. Select a color bar with a sleek design that has sufficient space for storing hair salon supplies.

This color center is ideal for salons as it needs minimal area, but it has numerous customization and storage options. Internally the Color Pro Center looks something like this:

The Color Pro color center has the unique feature of drawer replacement that helps increase drawer clearance. The drawer glides are highly customizable allowing the stylists to change the arrangement as much and as frequently as they like.

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