10 Facts About Beauty Salon Furniture That’ll Make Your Hair Stand on End

January 19, 2015By laurieBusiness No Comments

All Beauty Salon Furniture Is Not Equal – Read Our Checklist Before Your Buy Like any piece of furniture you buy salon, spa or school furniture is not the same.  To make sure you choose the right beauty salon furniture, furniture for your school or spa, carefully check these 10 facts when comparing products. Salon Furniture – Cabinets…

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5 Considerations for Beauty Salon Design Layout

January 16, 2015By laurieDesign No Comments

Make Sure Your Beauty Salon Design Layout is Perfect by Asking Yourself these Questions: Have you ever wondered why certain beauty salons attract a specific type of clientele? It’s really quite simple. Your salon will attract the type of client you want, only if you know that type and design your salon around their likes…

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