Elegance – Custom Salon Furniture by Veeco

Vivan ArpinoFormer celebrity guest hair stylist for “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” Vivienne Arpino, came to Veeco to design her dream salon: a “blow dry bar.” Her request was to create an upscale salon using custom salon furniture and design. BloOuts opened in 2012 and is located at 1872 Sheridan Road in Highland Park, Illinois. Success was doubled two years later with the opening of a second salon in in Winnetka, Illinois.



David S.S. Davis Veeco Salon Veeco’s Design Director, David S.S. Davis talks about working on the BloOuts Design and Custom Furniture…

“Working with Vivienne to design her second space, BloOuts Winnetka, “was a great experience. Working on designs with a repeat customer like Vivian, allows me the opportunity to do some exciting customization for their stations. Custom salon furniture is tthe most exciting part of my job.

The details like laminate selections and color schemes carry over to maintain a cohesive appearance between salons. For instance, we used light colors to visually expand on what could have been a challenging, narrow physical space. Through creative design and customization, BloOuts made heavy use of modular components, allowing it to be put together in pieces and providing easy access to plumbing and electric.”

Veeco’s ability to design custom salon furniture specifically for our customer’s needs is showcased in BloOuts. For Vivian, we created unique stations where the components could be switched around as needed to cater to right and left handed stylists. By talking with, and listening to the needs of our customer, Veeco goal is to create style, coupled with productivity. Creating functional stations like these, makes sure that every inch of your salon, not only looks spectacular, but helps you grow your business.

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