The Art of Planning a Beauty School

beauty school instituteThe Sami Halaseh Institute, located in Andover, Kansas, and Veeco Salon Furniture + Design share a commitment to excellence in our respective fields. This made choosing Veeco, and our attractive, durable, and unique stainless steel styling stations, an easy decision when it came time to begin equipping the Institute. Our stations are scratch-resistant, long-lasting, and a perfect match with the industrial-modern style of this location.

The school layout was designed byVeeco stainless steel styling station Veeco’s Design Director, David S.S. Davis, who chose stainless steel equipment to create a functional clinic floor. The Veeco AV-128 styling station (right) was selected for this project because it will retain long term value and sustainability while also looking beautiful.

Stainless steel salon furniture is a great investment as it is resistant to corrosion, fire and heat, is highly hygienic, has a great strength to weight ratio, and is tremendously impact resistance. Each of these features and benefits of stainless steel was taken into consideration while creating this aesthetically pleasing and highly functional teaching environment.


Our thanks to Sami Halaseh for his dedication to the cosmetology industry and his kind words.

“Veeco was such a great company to work with. They really went out of their way to make sure everything was done right and the whole team worked closely with me during each stage of the process. I have really had the best time working with everyone there and I cannot wait for our next project.”
-Sami Halaseh – Sami Halaseh Institute

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