Designing Your Beauty Salon for Profitability

You’ve worked hard, and your dream of owning your own beauty salon is about to come true. You have some ideas in mind, but your ultimate goal is to operate a profitable business. You want to be successful while creating an environment that reflects your style and provides your clients with an unforgettable experience. It’s important, therefore, to know that your beauty salon service vision will be brought to life exactly as you had imagined it. As you proceed towards accomplishing your goal, you will need to create a strong partnership with your salon equipment suppliers and designers who can help guide you through the myriad of choices to be made.

A Successful Beauty Salon Expert Design Go Hand in Hand

Before, you actually start planning your salon, consult the experts. There are many companies that provide complete design services to help bring the vision of your salon or spa to reality. Our team of designers works right alongside you to ensure that your new salon or spa will reflect your vision while providing style, functionality and, most importantly – profitability. Choose a professional design team to help you create your floor plan, assist with color selection, create custom salon furniture pieces and create your personal style down to the final touches.

The essence of the beauty industry is looking and feeling great. Every client who walks through your door should see that you are committed to the business of beauty. From reception seating and furnishings to stylish and comfortable work stations, each client should feel like the most important visitor in your salon. That is the key to retaining clients and, ultimately, maintaining profitability.

Here are a few salon design tips from to help get you started. These ideas will help ensure that your salon is designed for style and profitability:

  • Start planning your space on paper to get started. One design team suggests you use this process to help you start thinking about your salon in terms of practical space issues. Why is this important? Because it doesn’t matter what your vision is – if your design doesn’t work on paper, it’s not going to work in the real world. This is an important investment in the ultimate success of your salon.

  • Develop a “wish list” of services you want to offer and the number of styling stations, manicure tables, shampoo bowls, etc. you would like to include in your design. Take future growth into account so you can incorporate some flexibility into your plan if needed.

  • If you get stuck, search for pictures of salons and spaces that appeal to you. You will begin to see a common theme of colors and textures emerge that will help you stay focused as you make choices for salon equipment and furnishings.

  • Develop and refine your equipment selections. This is a vital step in the process as the choices you make now will impact your work flow and profitability as your business grows. Take yourself through the paces of a typical day, and make decisions about specific types of equipment and furnishings that best fit into your overall plan.

  • Let your beauty salon design team do the heavy lifting and be flexible. The design process should not intimidate nor overwhelm you. It is an essential part of the process that will help you create a thriving and profitable salon.

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