Quinton Barber Station

Model Number: CMC-6801-72
Brand: Collins

The CMC-6801 Quinton Barber Station is a new addition to the Collins Barbering line, featuring a white solid surface counter top, two drawers, two barbicide holders, two blow dryer holders, two clipper pockets, four clipper hooks, and two quad electrical outlets wired on-site by contractor. The barber can work from either or both sides of the chair and the station includes a 36″ x 72″ full-width mirror and color-matched fluted molding & rosettes.

All wood areas come standard in a huge selection of laminates from either Wilson Art or Formica. To view all standard laminates, visit our upholstery and laminate section. Colors do vary, so we recommend that you request a sample or, better yet, make an appointment to come into our showroom and view all samples.







Counter Height


Made in USA



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