Cold-Rolled Steel Double Station with Storage

Model Number: AV-128-CR
Brand: Veeco

The AV-128-CR Cold-Rolled Steel Double Styling Station with Storage is an alternate version of our most popular unit for cosmetology schools. ᅠIt is Made in the USA and comes complete with double framed mirrors, double sided ledge with appliance holders, two-sided cabinet with a total for four lockable storage compartments, and heavy duty locking casters.  Storage compartments come standard with hasp locks but combination locks are available as an optional upgrade.  Each unit also comes with four, 20-amp duplex outlets that can either be wired down to the floor (standard) or up through the ceiling (custom) depending on your needs.  As with all our cold-rolled steel pieces, you can select your choice of powder-coated finishes. Wood inserts are available to make clamping of mannequin heads easier.

Veeco furniture finishes

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Made In USA