Veeco Designs Beauty Salon Profitability Into Every Salon or School

Create a Theme for the Whole Space

A single, consistent theme throughout the whole space and within all the design elements will show professionalism whenever a customer enters your salon. Whether you have a small, family-owned and operated salon or a large, high-volume chain location, customers hold high regard for a business that pays attention to the smallest details. View our salon gallery for some ideas.

You can create a theme by having a clear combination of elements and colors that go together and show everywhere. For example, if you have wooden flooring, the background of the salon can be polished wood, while your ceiling can be white or black with golden or bright white lights. Contact your Interior Designer, Architect or Contractor, before you visit Veeco.  We will be glad to work with them on your facility.

Veeco plans each beauty salon, school, spa or barber shop following the the principle that every salon must Include Beauty Salon Profitability.

Add Beauty Products to Your Salon

Salon Retail Display

A lot of people that start beauty salons think of themselves as purely service providers. They look to perfect their beauty skills and give their customers an amazing service. Although this is important, the reality is that beauty salons are not strictly service providers.
In fact, most successful beauty salons today make most of their money through sales pf product, rather than their services. If you want your business to grow, you always have to think of new ways that you can contribute to your customers.The first thing you need to do is add products in your salon and showcase them to your customers. Add display shelves around the reception and in the lounge, include rotating products and, if possible, create catalogs that your customers can go through while waiting.
Naturally, you need to make your products visible and clearly show your customers that they can get them from you. Make sure that all of the products are accessible and that customers can reach them, try them out and read more about Beauty Salon Profitability.
Additionally, try to get a deal with a beauty product company and give your clients the option to order products through your salon.  View all of our Reception Furniture.

Selling and Displaying Products

Apart from displaying products around the salon so that they can draw your customers’ attention, you should also teach your employees to promote products. First of all, you need to provide a great service because this is how you build trust with customers.
When a customer is satisfied, he or she will ask your employees about the products you use and they need to be prepared to give the person additional information about the products you selland suggest the best option for customer’s needs. Your employees should offer their knowledge and show people how to recreate the same fabulous look at home, using the products that you sell.
Selling beauty products in your salon is as much a part of the job as the services you offer. Show clients that you care by giving consultations, a fabulous service and by providing them products that will make them look even better. To order handouts, business cards and more, contact MarcyTurnerDesign.

Offer Gift Certificates

One of the best ways to quickly increase your profits is to offer gift certificates. Invest in creating either paper gift certificates or fancy gift cards to encourage people to buy their loved ones gifts during holiday periods such as Women’s Day, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas or on anniversaries.
They might not seem too effective, but beauty salon owners have reported that gift certificates can account for 15% of their total profits per year. This is because during these periods a lot of people like to buy these kinds of gifts for their loved ones and the sales skyrocket.
Not only will people buy gift certificates because they might be bit cheaper, but they also might give them to people that haven’t visited your salon. This is how you can attract more customers when they come for a “free” treatment.

Comfort is the Foundation

Veeco Styling Chair When a customer enters a beauty salon, they want to feel comfortable and relaxed. Depending on the services they are receiving, they may be with you for hours and overall comfort is something that adds to their experience and shouldn’t be overlooked. Your beauty salon furniture needs to be inviting, solidly constructed, and properly arranged, so that staff and customers can walk around unobstructed, never feeling crowded or claustrophobic. This includes all your furniture: reception area sectional sofas, salon styling chairs, retail furniture, styling stations, and comfortable shampoo stations.

It’s also important to consider the amount of traffic through your beauty salon when considering how your furniture will be constructed. If you are a high-volume salon, you should consider what will be most durable and long lasting. Choosing stainless steel beauty salon furniture, for example, provides an furniture alternative that is long-lasting, easy to clean and maintain, and aesthetically pleasing. View our Complete line of Steel Furniture to see what’s trending in today’s salons and schools.

Good Lighting is Key

It’s essential to choose the right ambient lighting that can help employees do their job well and have a visually appealing effect. Work stations shouldn’t have colored lights, as they can distort how employees see their work and the customer’s perception of the job you’ve done for them. Ideal lighting is bright white, preferably made in the USA, that illuminates the work area properly without shining directly in the stylist or customers eyes. By carefully planning your lighting design, your employees will do a better job and your customers will more clearly see how their transformation takes place step by step. We recommend adding as much lighting as possible.

Quality Mirrors

One of the most essential elements in any type of beauty salon are mirrors. Customers spend most of their visit seated in front of a mirror, watching themselves and their stylist while receiving their selected services. You can add mirrors with lights around them or put them into wooden panels that have carved decorations. This is a simple but very effective idea. Make customers feel special when looking at themselves in the mirrors and give them the royal treatment they deserve!


Ready, Set, Go

Setup a design appointment, today. Use our online form, Chat with us,  or Call us at 1.800.3772.

These are the fundamentals of interior design for salons. Make sure that you implement these principles and build on them to create a comfortable and loveable place where customers will gladly return.

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