Two of the Salon and School Industry’s Top Companies Will Soon be One

The hot Salon and School Industry News this month focuses on  the change of ownership at Veeco Salon Furniture +  Design. Effective April 15, 2019, Collins  Manufacturing will take ownership of the Veeco Brand and it’s Design Center. Most of Veeco’ s models will continue to be produced in Collins’ factory in Cookeville, Tennessee facility. The Design Center will have a Chicago office and all Veeco Staff will remain available to help you with all your Salon and School Industry products.

Len CohenLeonard S. Cohen, the President and CEO of Veeco Salon Furniture Design, is an elder statesman of the industry who grew up in the manufacturing and design business.  C & W, originally founded in 1927 by Leonard’s grandfather Solomon Cohen, was reopened as Veeco in 1942 by his father, Harvey Cohen and later taken over by Leonard.  What has allowed Veeco to retain it prominence through changing styles, evolving trends, and economic ups and downs has been Leonard’s determination to lead by example.  Len observes everything and watches where the industry is going so that he can provide his customers with what they need before they even know they want it. Leonard’s focus on building relationships and adapting to innovative ways of doing business is why, even after 50 years in furniture, he had never had a boring day at work. His “hands on”approach to manufacturing involves working closely with each customer or designer to create a unique look that makes the best use of space for maximum profitability. That is why Cohen says: 

Collins Mfg. is truly the only company with whom I would feel comfortable entering into this transition, and I the have the utmost confidence that they will maintain the integrity of the Veeco Salon Furniture & Design brand. 

Watch for more exciting news from Veeco and Collins in the next few month. In the meantime, the team can still be reached at 1.800.635.3772.

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