At Veeco we pride ourselves on the “Big 3”:
Engineering, Design and Manufacturing.

The “Big 3” is what makes Veeco stand out from all the rest. Veeco offers customization, attention to the individual needs of each client, and production of furniture that is not only functional but is also durable.

Working with schools for over 50 years, we have created an outstanding reputation for designing and manufacturing furniture for some of our country’s leading cosmetology schools. Our exclusive stainless steel Collection has become known as“State of the Art” for today’s salon educational facilities. Did you know that Veeco is the company that brought the idea of stainless steel cosmetology furniture to the market almost 20 years ago! With the help of our Design Team you’ll have a hard time choosing to add steel to just the horizontal surfaces of your furniture, powder-coat your stations to add color and vibrancy to your environment, or select a product made completely of steel. The possibilities are endless and our design team is expert at layout your cosmetology school. The proper layout increases your profitability.

Designing Your School with Custom Furniture Design

Need a variation of one of our pieces? Just ask, that is what Veeco Salon Furniture + Design does best.
We started the evolution of stainless steel styling stations, carts, trolleys and nail tables and have now added a line of powder-coated cold rolled steel varieties to the mix. We also have created an ergonomically correct, full steel frame hydraulic chair that can stand up to the heavy use of a busy cosmetology school.

As we’ve continued to increase our knowledge of the properties of steel and the availability of the material for the beauty industry,

Be sure to read our article: The Advantages of Steel in Your School or Salon.

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Empire Beauty School

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