How long will it take to build the furniture?
All Veeco furniture is made to order, so production times will vary based on the size and complexity of each individual order. Your designer will be able to give you the best approximation of when your order will be ready to ship. If you are on a tight timeline, ask a member of our sales team about the Collins QSE line. This Quick Ship Equipment option offers a large selection of furniture pieces, in specified standard upholstery and laminate finishes, that can be ready to ship in just 2-4 weeks!
How much will your design services cost?

Veeco charges a non-refundable Design Deposit based on the square footage of your space at a rate of $1.00 (USD) per square foot. When you place a qualifying order with Veeco for your new furniture, the Design Deposit will be applied to your order as a purchase credit.  The Design Deposit includes the following:

  • Preliminary consultations with our design team, in-person at our Melrose Park Showroom and Design Center or virtually via GoToMeeting
  • Review of equipment wish lists
  • Discussion of space planning, general traffic flow, and overall aesthetics of your space
  • Walking through furniture selections
  • Providing laminate and upholstery samples
  • Collaboration on the design of custom furniture pieces
  • Initial drawings, layout, and furniture sketches
  • Up to three (3) revisions, such as furniture modification, finish changes, layout changes, and alterations to 3-D renderings

Additional changes, revisions, or design work required will be billed at a flat fee of $300.00 per revision.  After models are selected and your order is placed, our designers can assist with placement of electric or plumbing on your plan, however, we are not architects so architectural drawings that may be necessary for building permits, are not included in our design services.

Should I make an appointment?

Appointments are suggested but not required to visit our Melrose Park, Illinois show room and design center.

We also offer customers the option to meet with a designer virtually using the Citrix GoToMeeting application. This program is free to download and allows you to consult a member of our design team from the comfort of your personal computer. Appointments for GoToMeetings must be scheduled 24 hours in advance and, prior to your appointment, we ask that you provide blue prints, layouts, dimensions, or a .dwg file of your location so that we can create a visual reference as you begin working on developing your beauty environment.

Veeco has also launched a Travel Incentive Program, established to help our out of town customers visit us in person. Appointments are required to qualify for this program.

Are you a general contractor?

No, we are not general contractors. As manufacturers, we work with contractors, architects, plumbers, and electricians on a regular basis. If you have any questions regarding how we work with your team, please give us a call at 800.635.3772.

Will you travel to my salon, or do I have to come to you?

As a general rule, our design team does not travel to customer locations.  For some projects, with significant customization required, a designer may prefer to visit the client site and collect measurements but this determination is case by case.

Thanks to technology, we can meet with you virtually no matter where you are physically located using Citrix GoToMeeting.  Our Melrose Park, IL showroom and design center is open Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm.  Oftentimes, seeing items in person and meeting your designer helps in the selection process and gives us a better idea of your style and preferences. 

For more information, call us at 800.635.3772.

Do you run the plumbing and electrical, or do I need plumbers and electricians?

You will need your own plumbers and electricians. Once your furniture models have been selected, your order has been placed, and your initial deposit has been paid, our designers will prepare a space plan drawing, showing the location of movable equipment and furnishings with electrical and plumbing recommendations. These drawings are neither a replacement nor substitution for architect drawings, which are generally a requirement to obtain building permits. All Veeco drawings are conceptual in nature and are intended to set forth a floor plan design only.

Do you price match other companies?

No, Veeco does not price match.

We will always discuss your budget during the preliminary stages of your project and work with you to offer options that realistically fit within the price point you set forth. Veeco Salon Furniture + Design has developed relationships with some of the top names in the beauty industry so that we can offer our customers the widest selection of options to meet both your aesthetic and economic needs. Also, we have also joined forces with Coastal Kapital to help our customers secure the financing that can help make the dream beauty environment a reality.

How will my order be shipped to me?

Orders of less than 6 items standard-sized items generally ship via FedEx Ground or UPS Ground - 3rd Party, and tracking information will be provided to you after shipping.

For orders of more than 6 items, or containing oversized items, we will use an LTL (less than truckload) carrier. Veeco will get a freight quote from one of our preferred trucking carriers for standard delivery service.

Our carriers provide several additional services that may result in additional delivery fees, such as:

  • Arrival Notice or Scheduled Delivery Times
  • Limited Access Delivery
  • Residential Delivery
  • Liftgate Service 
  • Inside Delivery

You know your space best, so, in order to provide you the most accurate shipping quote available, it is essential that any restrictions, limitations, or special requests you have with respect to delivery are discussed with your designer when placing your order.  This ensures that we schedule all the necessary services required to make the delivery of your furniture a smooth, stress-free experience.

Do you accept personal checks?

No. We accept payment via money order, cashier’s checks, wire transfer and all major credit/debit cards.

Do you do interior decorating?

Veeco Salon Furniture + Design now offers extended support to our customers with a comprehensive owner's representation program. This program offers owner’s wide-ranging consultation services, including but not limited to build-out monitoring, project management, interior design, lighting, flooring, signage and even marketing and social media management. Veeco wants to be your one-stop shop for building your best beauty environment.

Are there discounts available?

Veeco Salon Furniture + Design pieces are hand-made and custom built for each order. Our material and labor costs have been meticulously calculated and the prices we have set are generally the lowest we can offer. Because we do value our customers, from time to time we offer special discounts and promotions. The best ways to stay informed about these opportunities are to sign up for our newsletter, follow us on Instagram, and like and follow our Facebook page!