When done right, beauty school space planning can help you provide an effective learning environment for your students and maximize the profitability of your programs.

Regardless of how much floor space you want to dedicate to teaching, a space planning expert can help you optimize your space and make knowledgeable design recommendations.

If that is something you want to learn more about, then keep reading.

Reveal the Full Potential of Your Space

An intelligently configured school design is essential to cultivating a productive environment both students and your staff can benefit from.

A space planning expert has the necessary knowledge to evaluate your space and make insightful recommendations on how to arrange equipment and furniture to maximize every inch in your classroom. 

beauty school space planning

Furthermore, someone who knows the industry inside out can also suggest innovative and customized solutions which can solve some of the specific challenges you’re facing when designing your beauty school.

To get the most value out of working with a beauty school space planning expert, make sure to do your homework before your initial consultation:

  • have a clear idea of what your goals are for the future and what kind of teaching programs you’re planning on offering
  • write down any architectural details you will need to include in the design, such as permanent columns or unusual window shapes
  • know what you want students to see first when they step in your facility
  • think about whether there is any new equipment or training packages you can add to make your offering more attractive – and thus more profitable.

Providing all this information will help ensure you receive the best recommendations from your salon designer expert – customized for your needs and goals.

Integrate Existing Furniture or Fabrics into the Design

In the case of a redesign project, it’s common for beauty school owners to want to keep some of the existing furniture, fabrics or laminates. This makes sense, business-wise, as it can lead to substantial savings.

A considerable benefit of working with an expert is they have the ability to create a functional and attractive learning environment that:

  • makes good use out of existing assets, but still looks brand new
  • is visually arresting
  • is consistent with your brand and vision
  • fits within your budget.

beauty school space planning

Minimize Schedule Disruptions

Whether we’re talking about a build out or a full renovation, design projects which are done thoroughly take time.

However, when you’re working with a top beauty school space planning expert, you can expect to be given a reasonable estimation of when the project is most likely to be completed.

Still, keep in mind that some unexpected delays car arise, as there are multiple people working on a project besides the space planning expert. So it’s best if you schedule your grand opening after your space is done and ready to welcome students. 

This way, you’ll avoid having to make important calls last-minute.

Ready to Get a Beauty School Space Planning Expert on board?

As you saw from this article, you have a lot to gain by partnering up with an expert to turn your dream beauty school into a reality.

At Veeco, we take great pride in always working closely with our clients to ensure their needs are fully met. Also, thanks to our state of the art facility, we can now cover all stages of a successful project, from design concept to furnishing manufacturing.

Make a design appointment today so we can start working on your project as soon as possible.

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