Top Reasons Why You Should Work with a Beauty School Space Planning Expert

November 9, 2018By AlexandraBlog No Comments

When done right, beauty school space planning can help you provide an effective learning environment for your students and maximize the profitability of your programs. Regardless of how much floor space you want to dedicate to teaching, a space planning expert can help you optimize your space and make knowledgeable design recommendations. If that is something you…

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How to Turn Your Beauty Salon into a Profitable Venture

October 26, 2018By AlexandraBlog No Comments

The reality is that your beauty salon has a lot of innate potential for profitability. Yet, in order to tap into it, you must put in some work. With a mix of clever marketing tactics and aesthetic improvements, you will see the numbers rise in no time. So, it’s time to turn your promotion tactics into…

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Why Stainless Steel Is the Best Material for Your Beauty Salon Furniture

October 19, 2018By AlexandraBlog No Comments

When choosing furniture of any kind, most people tend to focus too much on either its style or design. Yet, there’s one simple aspect which goes over their heads – convenience. When it comes to beauty salon furniture, style and design are important, but functionality and, especially, durability are prime. There is one material which…

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4 Beauty Salon Design Tips to Increase Profitability

September 20, 2018By AlexandraArticles No Comments

When setting up your beauty salon, you should pay extra attention to the interior design. That’s because the salon’s design is a reflection of your brand and services. Through meticulously planned beauty salon design, you can make a statement saying you are selling timeless elegance and style – not just great beauty services. And that…

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