Veeco Salon Furniture + Design is a well-known salon furniture company that has made a permanent mark in the beauty industry. Veeco Salon Furniture + Design is a family owned business based in the United States.  Established 90 years ago, it has evolved into one of the most trusted brands in this industry.

If you are a salon owner, you know the importance of having just the right décor and furniture. Furnishing a salon requires a great amount of innovation and thought, the right theme is extremely important and even one wrong step can result in the loss of potential clients. This includes the models of salon chairs or the theme you use.

Veeco Salon Furniture + Design is proud to announce a clearance sale for you to benefit from! The sale items include a range of salon furniture for you to choose from that are on sale for up to 75% off the original price! This is an opportunity you cannot afford to miss! The sale will continue until the stock lasts, and the models included are all unique surplus salon equipment that you can order online right now if you want.

Here are some of the items that you can buy at throwaway prices from one of the best salon furniture manufacturers you can ever hope to do business with. The complete sale catalog can be viewed on Veeco’s website.

Styling Chairs:

  • Marcy II Hydraulic Styling Chair– This styling chair can now be bought for just $149.00. This model is easy to use and has no technicalities that need to be learned, making it easy to use and efficient.
  • Alexa Hydraulic Styling Chair This styling chair version does not have wooden armrests but instead is a complete sleek mixture of black and silver giving it a simple graceful look that you can purchase and include in your beauty salon for $149.00.

Dryer Chairs:

  • Advantage Dryer Chair– This extremely comfortable and elegant dryer chair is sure to be a catch for your salon! Originally priced at $579.00, the Advantage Dryer Chair can now be bought for only $129.00, a cost that seems too good to be true considering the luxurious appearance of the design!


  • Pedicart with Black Padded Seat– Any client getting pedicure services requires a relaxing atmosphere where they can truly relax. This pedicart is hence the perfect addition to your salon and includes a drawer that can hold all of the pedicure materials. You can buy this pedicart on wheels for $89.00!

Styling Stations:

  • Single Styling Station Styling stations are generally pricey, and thus buying one involves a great deal of thought put into it. This styling station’s price has been cut down by Veeco from $1624.00 to only $279.00! Take advantage of this superb deal and buy the single styling station available in two colors before they are out of stock.

Barber Chairs:

  • The Boss Barber Chair Barber chairs can be costly, especially they have technical features for the ease of both the hairdresser and the customer. The Boss Barber Chair will only cost you $599.00 instead of $1500.00 if you buy it from Veeco while its sale lasts!

Booster Seats:

  • Child’s Booster Seat We all love the adorable looking young customers that sometimes visit the salons. Sometimes the salon chairs can be too much for children, which is why you need a child booster seat. Veeco’s will cost you only $29.00 if you take advantage of the sale. The design and quality are superb, providing maximum comfort levels for the squirmiest of kids!

Besides these useful items, Veeco has also included stools and chairs for your employees, wet booth stations, tapered roll-about and guest chairs in its sale collection. So, if you are a beauty salon owner looking to add something new and of the best quality to your salon without digging a big hole in your pockets, then Veeco’s sale is an opportunity you can’t miss!

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