Offering the Industry’s Best Owner’s Representation Support

In partnership with Beauty Workspace, Veeco Salon Design + Engineering offers extended support to our clients with a comprehensive owner's representation program. We help provide guidance throughout the life-cycle of designing and re-imagining your salon environment.

Our Owner’s Representative Services Include:

  • Complete management guidance and advocacy to alleviate the stresses of building out your space to ensure your project is complete on time and within budget.
  • Handling the project management process to plan and work with the contractors for you.
  • Providing value-added resources you’ll need to make your construction a success with an extra depth of knowledge for each step of the project.
  • A team of business professionals, designers, marketers, and project managers to help beauty salon and school owners make informed decisions.

For help with your salon workspace, fill out the information below to hear from one of our representatives.


We have an extensive line of beauty, barbershop and spa flooring that include hardwood, vinyl, tile and linoleum to help create the environment you’ve always dreamed of.


With the industry’s widest range of salon lighting fixtures available, we’ll help illuminate your design scheme from ceiling lights, wall lights, and workstation lighting.

Decor & Signage

Graphics, decor, posters, and hanging art provide the final touches to bring your space together and set the tone of your environment.

What Value Does Your Business Space Offer?

Your business is an extremely important environment to customers and staff. Here are reasons why having a well-designed workspace matters.

  •  Adds Credibility
    A high-quality look to your business sends an important message to customers about how you approach your craft.
  • Improves Work Productivity
    A well designed space enables your staff to operate in a fun, engaging and organized environment.
  • Makes Your Space Welcoming
    Customers who feel welcomed in your space are more likely to become advocates of your brand.
  • Speaks to Your Brand
    You work hard to have your brand connect with your base in different ways. Let your work environment help do the same!