Must-Have Salon Equipment to Attract Modern Clients

September 22, 2018By LaurieDesign, Articles No Comments

Deciding on what salon equipment to pick isn’t an easy task. There are many items to choose from and this can sometimes lead to salon owners feeling confused and overwhelmed. However, choosing the right equipment can make a world of difference on a customer’s first impression, as well as overall satisfaction when it comes to…

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4 Inspiring Examples of Beauty School Furniture for Your Cosmetology Class

September 5, 2018By LaurieArticles No Comments

The cosmetology class is an amazing place to study and develop outstanding beauty skills. And with the proper furniture and fixtures, the pupil’s learning experience can be much more pleasurable. This article will present you with 4 inspiring ideas of beauty school furniture you can get to gear up your cosmetology class to the highest…

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Beauty Salon Profitability

July 21, 2018By LaurieDesign, Business, Blog No Comments

Veeco Designs Beauty Salon Profitability Into Every Salon or School Create a Theme for the Whole Space A single, consistent theme throughout the whole space and within all the design elements will show professionalism whenever a customer enters your salon. Whether you have a small, family-owned and operated salon or a large, high-volume chain location, customers…

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Important Tactics to Help Design a Beauty Salon

July 2, 2018By LaurieDesign, Business, Blog No Comments

Here Are A Few Vital Pointers You Need To Keep In Mind When You Design A Beauty Salon If you are in the beauty industry, having your own beauty salon is definitely a dream come true! Planning to design your salon is worse than building a new home! Being passionate about the beauty industry, you…

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How Can Custom Laminates & Upholstery Enhance Your Workspace?

December 13, 2017By LaurieDesign, Blog No Comments

So, you have just invested in feature-loaded furniture items for your salon. Why do you need to spend on custom upholstery or laminates? At Veeco, every product and service we offer revolves around helping our customers enjoy the maximum value for their purchase. It is why we offer customizable options that are hardly available anywhere…

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Conserve Salon Space with Great Designs

December 11, 2017By LaurieDesign, Blog No Comments

Thinking about revamping your salon space for a vibrant interior that provides a delightful ambiance to your clients. The first step in revamping a salon is to have a floor plan that adequately puts things where they should be. Designing must be minimal but not to the extent that it looks dull and uninviting. Make…

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History of No Shave November

November 25, 2017By LaurieUncategorized, Blog No Comments

On the 1st of November, ‘Movember’ (a blend of the words ‘mustache’ and ‘November) starts. It is also known as ‘No Shave November.’ During this month, men do not shave and allow their beards and mustaches to grow, unhindered.   While it started as a teen trend mostly popular in colleges, students aren’t the only…

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Barbershops Are Making a Buzz in Today’s Beauty Industry

September 19, 2017By LaurieServices, Trends, Business, Blog No Comments

The beauty industry that exists today is much different from how it was in the past. The prevalent demands, popular trends and numerous ways in which beauty experts try to gain recognition have all evolved with time.  Not to mention customers’ awareness and expectations have also changed. The same can be said for barbershops. In…

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How Veeco Salon Furniture + Design Is Uniquely Supporting the Salon and Spa Industry

September 15, 2017By LaurieServices, Business, Industry News, Blog No Comments

The interior décor and design of any salon say a lot about the quality of services customers can expect at that salon. For instance, a beauty salon or spa that has mismatched décor or furniture that doesn’t look too comfortable fails to impress its visitors. A spa or salon is considered the epitome of relaxation…

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